Participants will plan, design, and record a vision video for a future software system. They will hear about the principles of the “Affordable Video Approach”, and go through all steps from shaping ideas to enjoying the videos. Spectators are welcome; active participants will have an opportunity to try one role or the other in context:

They can be director, actor, or even requirements engineer who wants to elicit, validate, and challenge assumptions on he vision level of a future software product. The results will be short vision videos, and the participants’ experience in making them.

This workshop is interactive and does not require any paper submission. If you are interested in the workshop, we kindly ask you to register by e-mail (myovv@se.uni-hannover.de) without any obligation, so that we can better estimate the potential number of participants.


  • Demonstrate in practice what it takes to produce a short vision video
  • Illustrate the Affordable Video Approach by using inexpensive material and equipment, but invest good ideas and pretend to have a complex system running
  • Provide active and observing particpants with hands-on experience on a technique that could become more wide-spread in the coming years
  • Experience, judge, talk about, and be prepared to…

Make Your Own Vision Video — NOW

Target Audience

The workshop is open to the public and invites both researchers and practitioners who are interested. Participants should enjoy playful and creative activities with a serious background and goal. No special background knowledge is required.

Important Dates

(Obligation-free) registration: Monday, March 1st, 2019

Register by e-mail

Workshop day: Monday, March 18th, 2019

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